US Residential investment


Kingsheart Capital have a core focus on the US residential and commercial markets, identified as one of the most lucrative sectors available to the Real Estate investor.

With property prices now recovering from an all time low, some regions are sat as low as 70% below their peak 2008 prices – offering solid potential for exponential growth and above average, sustainable, high yields as the demand increases fourfold.

The key to success in this precarious yet profitable market, considering the vast ‘opportunity’ available, is on the ground expertise and established relationships in the desired territories, dating back for generations. This provides an invitation to incomparable opportunity available in todays foreclosures, auctions, private groups and asset portfolios; securing the strongest margins below the current RICS valuations in the most demanding and competitive locations, crucial to achieve the desired reward.

At Kingsheart Capital we truly understand the varied requirements, interests and needs of the individual investor and that one size does not fit all. With that in mind we have opened the doors to our valued partners evidencing a lifetime of success across the United States in all areas of Real Estate investment and property development.


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Chicago Residential Investment

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